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Consultancy and training company specialising in trading and consumer law (including pricing and advertising), health and safety, food safety/HACCP, product safety, product liability, enforcement challenges and quality management.

Trading Law

Trading Law provide a broad range of services covering the majority of commercial legislation in use today. This site lists those services currently provided and provides a description for reference.

Mackesys has been a criminal defence solicitor for 25 years. They are holders of four Criminal Contracts, which were awarded by the Legal Services Commission. Their specialist Team consists of more than 40 dedicated fee-earners, dealing with day to day crime up to serious fraud, murder and rape.

Trading Law employ specialist industry professionals in Health and Safety, Environmental Health and Trading Standards.

If you have any existing insurance policies (often for your car, household buildings & contents or annual travel) then these can have attached to them legal expense insurance.

Where such insurance exists you have in effect already paid a sum to cover you for many types of legal disputes.

Insurance Companies in recent years have tried to take control of legal claims and by doing so, limit your right to instruct the solicitor of your choice.

We believe that it is essential for all clients to have confidence that their solicitor is free of any influence from third parties who may have an interest in controlling how a case is run.

By not being on any Insurance Company Panels, we are 100% independent to always act in your best interests without having to take into account what another party (e.g. an Insurer) may wish to see done.

We also believe that a client should have an absolute right to instruct a local solicitor of their choice and that this creates a good working relationship (in particular, as it gives personal access between solicitor and client) and is an essential part of helping a claim to succeed by way of constructive teamwork.

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